Message from our CEO

Today, we accomplished a critical milestone in ECARX’s journey with our successful public listing on the Nasdaq stock exchange in New York.

Over the past two years, a huge amount of work has gone into making our public listing possible and I would like to pay tribute to the full team at ECARX, COVA, and my co-founder, Eric Li.




Back in 2017, we shared a vision to create a technology portfolio that will transform next-generation vehicles into computers on wheels – always on, always connected. We recognized that software would define the cars of the future and established ECARX to meet the demand that would come from the rapid evolution of the automotive industry.

Since then, our technology has been integrated into more than 3.7 million cars driven largely by our strong OEM relationships and our nearly 2,000 employees. Our continued focus on R&D has given us the ability to grow quickly and it has provided us with the building blocks to innovate and serve even more customers in the future. We have made remarkable progress, and this is just the start.

We operate in a large and growing market that is undergoing a transformational change. Our vertically integrated technology stack helps transform vehicles into seamlessly integrated information, communications, and transportation devices. Our integrated approach allows for efficient development of our product roadmap and our deep experience with the Geely ecosystem demonstrates our ability to execute effectively with large global OEMs.

We are in growth mode, and today marks the beginning of a new chapter.

While we reflect upon and celebrate this milestone, we must all continue to focus on our vision to help drive the rapid transition of the automotive industry. The opportunity in front of us is tremendous, and I know this team is ready to grasp it.

Thank you,
Ziyu Shen, CEO and Co-founder, ECARX