ECARX is a global mobility-tech provider partnering with OEMs to reshape the automotive landscape as the industry transitions to an all-electric future. As OEMs develop new vehicle platforms from the ground up, ECARX is developing a full-stack solution – central computer, System-on-a-Chip (SoCs) and software to help continuously improve the in-car user experience. The company’s products have been integrated into more than 5 million cars worldwide, and it continues to shape the interaction between people and vehicles by rapidly advancing the technology at the heart of smart mobility.

1. Large and growing market

We compete in a large and growing market. The automotive sector is undergoing rapid transformational change, with vehicle ‘DNA’ expected to change more in the next decade than in the past century

2. Differentiated technology and product vision

Our vertically-integrated full-stack technology solution aims to transform vehicles into seamlessly integrated information, communications, and transportation devices

3. Well positioned with unique go-to-market strategy

Our integrated approach allows for efficient development of our product roadmap and our deep experience with the Geely ecosystem demonstrates our ability to execute effectively with large, global OEMs

4. Established business with seasoned management team

Deep international expertise across the automotive industry 5 mn vehicles equipped with ECARX technologies on the road since 2017 (as of April 30, 2023) Revenue of $516mm in 2022.

5.Strong revenue base with substantial growth to come and a clear pathway to EBITDA profitability in the short term

To support revenue growth, we continue to invest heavily in R&D in order to stay ahead of the technology curve.

As we expand internationally, we also expect our revenue contribution from third-party OEMs to increase, further diversifying our customer base while maintaining a strong foundation through our access to the Geely ecosystem.

This rapid top-line growth and continuous product development in high-margin categories are expected to support enhanced gross margins.